Care Wireless Free Government Phone Program

Important Update: The Care Wireless program has been closed.

Enroll Care Wireless and get a free cell phone and 300 free monthly minutes through the Lifeline Assistance national eligibility-based program. At the moment, the service is offered to residents of Illinois only. Hopefully, the company will expand its service area to other states soon. So, if you are an Illinoisan and live in Springfield, Chicago or any other place in the state of Illinois, Care Wireless is ready to review your application for a free government cell phone or smartphone.

Qualification Guidelines for Care Wireless Phone Service

The very basic rule for any person wishing to apply for CareWireless plan demands that not this or any other person living in the same household with the applicant receives the Lifeline assistance from any of the landline or wireless companies. Since there are other companies providing FCC’s phone assistance in the state, it is within one’s rights to choose the best suitable plan. There is no obligation to stick to it, however, for a lifetime. Hence, if you feel like Care Wireless will give you more communication freedom, you can still enroll but do not forget to cancel your enrollment with the competitor assistance program first.

Another major requirement for Care Wireless enrollment is either to be a receiver of Medicaid, Food Stamps or another type of government assistance (please, see the website for a complete list of qualifying programs.), or to get enrolled by annual household income size. It has to be less than 135% of the amount specified by Federal Poverty Guidelines. As of 2015, this amount is $ 15,512.00 for one-person home or $ 20,939.00 for the two-person one.

If you see yourself meeting the requirements above, it is easy to enroll Care Wireless free government phone Lifeline Assistance program by submitting the online form at the website of the carrier or by filling it out, printing the Care Wireless application and faxing it or sending by regular mail afterward. Please, do not forget to include a copy of a document proving your participation in one of the federal assistance programs or stating your income level. Without such document, your application will get rejected.

Care Wireless Contact Details

  1. Regular mail: Care Wireless, PO Box 1109, Bridgeview, IL 60455.
  2. Phone: (855) 711-2222.
  3. Fax: (855) 722-2022
  4. Email:

Care Wireless Phone Plans and Benefits

Every subscriber gets a free phone and three hundred free airtime minutes monthly. Still, more benefits are available for a little extra. If you are not satisfied with your free cell phone model, you can upgrade it to a different one choosing from a list of the available gadgets. Both, simple cell phones and smart phones are offered. For example, for $179 bucks you can get your phone upgraded to SAMSUNG T699 GALAXY RELAY 4G smartphone featuring  the big touch screen, Android OS, WCDMA compatibility among other characteristics. Cooldpad, Huawei, Alcatel and other Samsung models are provided for upgrading.

Other Care Wireless monthly plans, as opposed to the basic one, offer more minutes for an extra charge. For example, $20 plan will give you a chance to use 400-minute airtime (the rate is $0.05 per minute) for ninety days. Care Wireless top up cards can be purchased at any of the thousands of locations nationwide, too. The only catch is that they are called PlatinumTel cards since the Care Wireless program is a service of PlatinumTel Communications LLC.